Body Interchange for 1971-1972 B-Bodies

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Body Interchange for 1971-1972 B-Bodies

Post by Dave » Mon Oct 06, 2003 5:46 pm

Compiled by Jeff Hargraves

All hoods interchange between the two years. Three hoods were offered in all. The standard Road Runner and GTX hood has engine call outs in the hood depressions. The air grabber hood was available on RR and GTXs. The Satellite had its own hood which was also the same steel used to construct the air grabber hood. Hood hinges and springs will change. The header panel will work on both years. Front vallance will change. Fenders and rear quarters will fit although the side marker lights are different for the two years and you may have to cut the marker area out of one panel and transfer it the the new one. No reproduction quarters are available that I am aware of. Doors will interchange but not all passenger doors are equiped with side view mirrors. You can drill the door for mirrors and install well nuts similar to the factory design. Trunk lids are interchangable from 71-74 although 71 is the only year that has the underside panel cut for spoiler installation, rear spoilers were not offered from the factory in 72-74. The rear vallance panels are different from 71 and 72 due to the change in rear bumpers. Front bumpers will change over. Some front and rear bumpers had rubber trim attached to them. Taillights are different for 71 and 72. RR and GTXs used a clear front park lense with an amber bulb. 71 Satellites used an amber lense. 72s all used amber lenses. All the lenses in 71-72 will interchange.

Also you may want to get a copy of CHRYSLER MUSCLE CAR Parts Interchange Manual 68-74 Available at Classic Moter Books

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