Suspension Interchange for 1971-1974 B-Bodies

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Suspension Interchange for 1971-1974 B-Bodies

Post by Dave » Mon Oct 06, 2003 5:44 pm

Compiled by Jeff Hargraves and John Johnson

Rear axle housings (8 3/4) appear to be interchangable from 71 to 74, note the track of the B body was widened in 71. I have read that this axle was discontinued somewhere in 72-73, but I have found them in 74 B bodies consistantly. Rear springs appear to be interchangable from 71 to 74although 73-74 models have a rubber and steel insulator that the axle pads mount to. The front spring mounts and rear shackles are the same. Mopar Performance offers the rear shackles and bushings, they also offer a left and right spring set built to hemi suspension specs.

Rear sway bars were not offered on 71 models although a 72-74 rear bar will fit. The 71 has pre-drilled holes in the unibody channel and bolts in with no effort. 71 & 72 used a different K member than 73-74. The 71-2 torsion bars are shorter than the 73-4 T-bars. The 71-2 T-bars are 41.0" in length and the 73-4 T-bars are 43.6" in length. (These t-bar specs were pulled from the Mopar Chassis Manual). Mopar Performance offers a great selection of bars from factory sizes to new bars for increased handling.

Front sway bars on 71-72 are interchangable and 73-74 are interchangable. Typically Road Runners and GTXs had front bars and Satellites did not. If your car does not have a front bar and you want to install one, you will need lower control arms that have the sway bar brackets welded to them. Be careful to check the right lower arm for straightness, I find more bent that straight-possibly from being curbed a time or two. All the power steering gear boxes appear to be the same. The steering shaft inside the column is shorter on power steering units than manual steering.

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