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sunroof installation

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 6:30 pm
by 1958300
I have a wrecked 74 roadrunner with a manual sunroof, and I want to cut the sunroof out and install it in my 71 superbee. Can you tell me how many man hours are involved with this project? Yours looks wonderful, and I have always wanted a 71 superbee with a sunroof. Since the factory only made 9, mine will be number 10. I want to know if I can afford this swap before I get in too deep, since I have a $2000 budget for this work.
Thanks, Phillip

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 7:14 am
by Dave

I can't tell you exactly how much time we have in the sunroof itself. I could probably go back and see if I can figure it out from my body guy's notes though. Don't forget, if you look through the pictures, there was a good amount of time spent cutting down and reforming the 21" door into a 19" door. Also, we spent the time to finish the body work so that it looked good in paint. If you are planning on putting on a vinyl top (to make it more "factory correct"), that could cut down on your time as well. I can tell you, at least for reference, that we have over 400 hours in the entire body work.

Posted: Sat May 07, 2005 10:01 pm
by road chicken
Dave -

I just went and looked at the pics for the install of the sunroof.

1- your body guy is craftsman! WoW what talent.

2- I'm so glad I lucked into the whole roof- complete. I can do rust patching and that sort, nuthing like what you guys were doing.

3- What are the odds of swapping the whole roof off of the 74 onto the 71? The 1/4 are obviously different- but it would be a whole lot easier to swap the whole roof, if possible. I guess that would be depending primarily in the location of the 1/4 seam, and the length of the upper rail- so the window has enough room to close and seal fully