5/25/2004 - Spending some $$$!

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5/25/2004 - Spending some $$$!

Postby Dave on Wed May 26, 2004 7:34 am

The purchasing department at Project Blue Bird Headquarters has been really busy this week. Saturday at the Chrysler Classic, I gave picked up a almost all of the rest of the weather stripping I needed for the car. Then today I spent over $600 on a few cans of stuff:

Yup, we are finally close enough to be buying the paint and materials for the car! :D Here's what a gallon of my favorite Mopar color looks like.

In other news, more body parts are being added to the "done" list. Here's the sunroof door, all the body work done and ready!

The only work remaining on the body is to finish up the rear valance, and it's very close already.

Our plan is to have paint on the interior and trunk floors this weekend! Worked tonight on scuffing the floor pans and such. However, this one small section of the original paint on the package shelf is going to be masked off when we do paint. For some silly reason, I wanted to save just a little spot of her original color, though nobody will ever see this, I'll know it's there. :)
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